Fastest way to add >200 articles?

Hello! I am using Zotero for a project that requires me to import a TON of references from PubMed. My workflow is to basically take a page of 200 search results and batch add all of them using the folder icon that the Zotero app gives (great feature!). I know I am asking a lot of the program, so I'm not surprised that it takes quite a while to add the references (>5-10 minutes for 200 articles). My problem is that I have tens of thousands to add, and doing them 200 at a time like this isn't really an option. The other thing is that it seems to eat up a lot of computer resources. In fact, just as I was typing this, I was adding refs in the background and the whole computer flipped out (black screen for a while, frozen for ~10 min)

anyway- like I said, I understand its probably an intensive task, so I don't mind waiting- but it would be really great if either:

1)there was a faster way to get thousands of references into Zotero that I'm unaware of (for example, I tried Firefox vs Chrome or using batch import vs copy/pasting XML data, but all took the same amount of time) or

2)a way to pull more than 200 refs from PubMed at a time (I know this is really more of a PubMed question, but maybe you guys/gals know?) I wouldn't mind setting it up and walking away for a while to let it do its thing, but it isn't really feasible for em to continue on the way I have been

  • In PubMed you can use, on the search result screen:
    Send to --> File --> XML
    That exports the entire search.

    You can import the saved .xml file into Zotero, though it may very well take a long time - easily an hour - but should work.

    (using the xml import rather than the web importer also is much faster for me for batches of 200 - it takes me ~5 mins with a freeze via the web importer, but only about 10secs when setting the display option to XML, then use select all --> copy --> import from clipboard).
  • Thanks- I did notice that the copy/paste XML was a little faster. I'll give the send to XML a shot- could be a real time-saver!
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