incomplete indexing


The index statistics of my Zotero data base show
indexed: 1612
partial: 25
Unindexed: 494

words: 277 773

The right-hand pane shows a total of 3109 items in the data base.

This makes me ask :

What is the meaning of the counts in the index statistics : are these the items that the right-hand pane mentions ?
Then how to explain the difference between the total of indexed+partial+unindexed and the total of items ?

How to explain the large part of unindexed items ?
How can I make Zotero index all of the items?

  • Indexed refers only to attachments. Items include top level items (i.e. the Zotero items that actually hold the citation data) so the numbers are bound to be different.

    You can try re-indexing from the search tab of the Zotero preferences. Obviously non-OCRd PDFs aren't indexed.
  • Aha ! Thanks.
    If the stats on indexation would be completed by just adding the term of "attachements" it would be more comprehensible.

    I don't know whether the documentation mentions the difference between OCRd and image PDFs (and how to distinguish both) but this would make users be aware not to attach un-OCRd PDFs (if they want to get their work supported by indexed pdf attachments).
  • How can I know the number of attached pdfs so that I can see whether all of the pdfs were indexed ?
  • The sum of
    are all PDFs - or am I misunderstanding the question?
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