Folder deletion=TOO dangerous - Correct pls

Hi Zotero Developers,

You are doing terrific work. I get your idea as phenomenal advance in productivity :-]

Now, that said and having a lot of time passed with Zotero, I have some feedback;

-Default confirm field on Zotero collection folder deletion operation MUST be "Cancel". Now as it is, between all of your open tabs and windows there appears one tiny window with default "OK" as preselected field. The windows get lost on sluggish computer, and your folder with all the contents of the dir gets deleted.

-So to get to the root of the cause, if you accidentally press delete (especially guys with laptops know the situation) , its way too easy to hit del, not see a tiny window with preselected OK, and ALL the content of your folder is bye-bye. You did not expect that? Neither did I ;-)

-When we are at that, absence of Multiple Undo levels are missing (Windows,Word,Photoshop users will feel very crippled here as there is even no one-level Undo for folder Delete operation).

Until when you blind type not to hit that Del accidentally instead of Enter ;)
  • I agree with this point. Additionally I think you need to implement an undo delete colleciton function, as at the moment the only way I can see to fix an accidentally deleted collection is to restore from backup.
  • I urge the 'undo delete collection' development too
  • In 2.1, if you keep all of your content filed in a folder somewhere, the contents of an accidentally deleted folder can be identified via the "Unfiled items" virtual collection. It's not undo, but depending on your workflow, it can serve as a close proxy for it.
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