URLs of paper articles disabled but "Available at" still appears

I don't want the URL of journal papers to appear in my references, so I left that option disabled in preferences. The URL does not appear in my references, however this still apprears: "Available at: [Accessed November 7, 2013]." I'm using the Harvard style.
What can I do to disable the whole "available at..."? Does the same happen with other styles?
Thank you ver much (and thanks for the whole Zotero project. I love it!)
  • which Harvard style?
  • Harvard Reference fomat 1 (Author-Date) - no disambiguation by adding...
  • that sounds like it's not a style from zotero.org/styles
    where did you get that from?
  • No!? I can't remember having done anything special to get this. But who knows, I've been using Zotero for some years. Sure it's not from Zotero?
  • In case it helps I'm using Mac with Microsoft word
  • you mean "- no disambiguation by adding..." is part of the style name right?
    That'd be a custom style. There was a bug with many styles that got fixed about 2 years ago or so that caused that - if someone took a style before than and customized it, that would likely be the problem.
    You should be able to use any style from zotero.org/styles and not have that problem.
  • Ok. Yep, probably you're right. I now sort of remember that there were not many styles and perhaps I got it from somewhere. I can't remember :-DD
    I just tried to do what you suggested. I used a Harvard style from zotero.org/styles and it now works perfectly.
    Thanks soooo much! :-D
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