JS error during syncing

Hello all,

Zotero is popping up a red exclamation mark symbol when it tries to sync, and it appears that sync is failing. The report code is 2140861285. Could someone please take a look at this for me? Many thanks...

  • what does it say when you click on the red exclamation mark?
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    I believe this should be fixed now, but could you do me a favor and paste '5BWJICPG' into the search bar in your personal library, with "All Fields & Tags" selected from the search bar drop-down, and let me know the Date Added value of the attachment that shows up? (You may need to temporarily add the Date Added column from the column picker in the top-right of the middle pane.)
  • Actually, I'd like to do a bit more debugging here, so I had to break this again. In addition to the timestamp I ask for above, could you also provide a Debug ID for a sync attempt that produces this error?
  • Hi Adam and Dan,

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

    Adam, it says "Error processing uploaded data".

    Dan, the Date Added value is 11/8/13 01:14:08. I've enabled debugging and hit the sync button. The error recurred, so I hit submit to server and got this debug id: D689927516.

    Thanks again,
  • OK, thanks. The sync should go through now.

    It looks like that item may not have synced properly on its own. I'm trying to reproduce this bug, but you can go back to that item, add something to the note field, wait a second for it to save, and then delete what you added. That should update the item's timestamp and cause it to be synced properly.
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