Working with Micrsoft office web app?

Microsoft recently added real-time co-editing to office web apps. In general I prefer Google Doc for co-editing but very often I am asked to submit Word files as the final document and Google Doc's conversion to Word isn't great. So I was glad to see Microsoft coming up with a real co-editing interface (the one in SharePoint is a joke) and eager to see if Zotero works with it as it does with Google Doc. The answer is no. I opened up my Office web app document in Firefox, opened up the zotero plugin, and dragged (or shift-dragged) a citation to my document. The moment I did that, the whole document went poof, leaving the error "The address isn't valid. The URL is not valid and cannot be loaded." in my Firefox browser.

Any idea what caused this and any chance that using Zotero with Office web app will be supported?
  • I can replicate this, but don't have an immediate fix.

    As a workaround, you can achieve the same effect with Ctrl+Shift+C and Ctrl+Shift+A (for drag and Shift+drag respectively)
  • Can you tell what URL it's trying to load?
  • It appears to be the same behaviour as dragging text to a non-textbox area on any web page.
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    Actually, any text _with characters invalid in a host name_. Firefox attempts to load the text as http://www.<text>.com (or something like that) and if the text contains invalid characters (e.g. spaces), it gives "The address isn't valid" (without actually showing you what it was trying to load). If the text forms a valid host name, then you just get "Server not found".

    Anyway, I was confused by the Invalid address error. Seems that there's nothing to be done on the Zotero side.
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