how do you add members to a group

I created a group and I want to add another member to it as an
admin. It's not clear to me from the docs how to do that. I don't see how to add a member nor how to assign their role. I know
their zotero id. What do I do next? Anyone know?
  • Go to and click Manage Members for whichever group you're managing. You will be able to invite new members and assign roles.
  • Well that's the part I don't get. Suppose there is a person
    personid who has a zotero account with that id. Are you saying that
    the only way to add them to a group is to send an invite to personid
    and they respond and then that's how they are added? You can't just add people without them accepting an invitation?
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    that's correct. You cannot add people to a group without them accepting. (which seems pretty standard to me)
  • What was confusing me was I thought in order to invite people they
    already had to be members of zotero. But I see they don't. Never mind.
  • i created a group and tried to invite more people. I sended an invitation to a colleague 2014-01-08 13:22:55 in "Manage members" and she is listet under "member invitations" but she told me that she didn´t get it and neither wasn´t possible to register on zotero. What could be the problem?
  • I had the same problem. Then I tried to just send the URL link for them to enter and that did not work. This is a problem
  • I'm facing the same difficulties
  • @Project_Legacy Genrally better to start a new thread rather. What specifically is the problem you are having?
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