Search within Zotero library in Ubuntu 13.10 using the Dash

Since Ubuntu 13.10 the system is integrated with smart-scopes or lenses, that search both locally and in the internet when doing a query in the Dash, to provide sensible results to the user. One of those lenses that is included in the system is a Zotero plugin that supposedly would do something. However I haven't found out if it should search the local library, or something else, because it never provides any result when selected.

Is anyone in the community able to provide some feedback on this plugin, what is it supposed to do, how does it work? It would indeed be a great feature to provide Ubuntu/Unity with search capabilities from the Zotero library.

I have also started this thread in the Ubuntu forums, so far without success:
  • My understanding is that it _should_ search the local library, but when I tested an earlier iteration I pretty much got the same results you did - I believe I did get a hit or two.
    AFAIK no one from Zotero (neither core devs nor regular contributors) was involved in developing this.

    I use qnotero for this purpose - tiny tool, very fast, very elegant:
  • Thank you adamsmith for the confirmation and alternative provided. I'll definitely start using qnotero.

    Meanwhile, I have filed a bug report in Launchpad so that the problem is addressed, and can be fixed. Any person reading this entry, may also want to select that the bug affects him:
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