Sync errors

Just a half-hour or so ago, I experienced the problems reported here:

"One or more Zotero tags have been added to and/or removed from items on multiple computers since the last sync. The different sets of tags have been combined. View the Error Console for the full list of such changes."

I sent in an error report, removed zotfile, turned off sync'ing, shutdown Zotero Standalone, created a backup of the sqlite DB (I think), and restarted.

I am now getting an "empty reponse from server" error. I sent in that error report too. I forgot to collect the error report IDs, sorry.

Are these related?

What to do next?

  • Oop, here's the most recent report ID: 287270210
  • I restarted again and everything seems to be back to normal. I'll post again if these symptoms show up again. But for now, no action or sleuthing needed.
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