How to have one document with two different style types

Can anyone help me with a problem that a grad student I'm helping has? Her dissertation includes a few different previously published manuscripts, which use different citation styles. The graduate school has advised her to keep the source citation styles even though they are going into one merged document. How can she have one document with two different styles going on?
The only thing I can think of right off the top of my head is to paste in one section with one style, break the codes and then paste in the other. Will that work? Is there an easier way to put in two different styles into one document without breaking the codes?

  • no, there is no good way of doing this (and why should there be? This is insane!).
    Generally what you're proposing should work - though you'd want to strip field codes _before_ not after pasting (depending on the word processor, the citation style information remains in the document even when you strip field codes).
    I don't see any easy way to get the bibliography at the end - how is that supposed to look, anyway? Of course, if there is no bibliography, she's fine in that respect.
  • Thanks! I have no idea what she's doing about a bibliography. I guess they each have their own? Not sure. But thanks for the tip about stripping codes before pasting. I'll let her know.
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