Recursive display of all items of a collection and its sub-collections

  • If it was up to me, I would have it as a customizable toolbar button. I started looking into making zotero toolbars customizable a while ago, but then other priorities took precedence.
  • Can the recursive collections feature be changed for the Standalone version too? When I toggled it to true, it works for the in-browser version of Zotero, but didn't change anything in the StandAlone version, which I really prefer to work in.
    Thanks in advance!
  • recursive collections works in Standalone as well, but Standalone doesn't share preferences with Firefox, so you have to set it separately there.
  • But *how* was what I couldn't figure out without following directions verbatim....but I just found it! Thanks!
  • apologies, I thought that was linked to above. For posterity, instructions are here:
  • Ah....should've read the entire paragraph evidently! Thanks
  • I think adding this option to the "general" preferences tab would be fine. Sure, the general preferences are already packed with a lot of information, but one more line of text in the miscellaneous section won't break the camel's back. Recursive collections is a very powerful tool, and I think it deserves a space.

    Keep in mind that many people don't always know what terms to search for when investigating this feature. I stumbled upon the hidden preference - which I had actually wanted for some time - through a serendipitous Google trek. Even if we keep the current behavior as default, showing this preference could really help users to maximize their experience.
  • Echoing requests to add this as a toggle option - having both are useful and avoid having to check and maintain consistency w/ Standalone.
  • Just re-echoing this request - I agree with the comments above about this being useful to toggle more easily. Thanks.
  • Bumping to add a vote now that we're in 5.x. Because there was some discussion about where to fit this option, I would suggest perhaps more intuitive UI changes:

    - Shift- or Ctrl-click to select multiple collections, and

    - Adding a right-click menu option to 'select/deselect all subcollections' from a parent collection

    Multi-collection highlighting in the collection browser would then be helpful to see what is currently being displayed.

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