Would like ability to restrict "attachment flag" (blue dot) to indicate PDFs only

The only attachments in Zotero that I care about are PDF files (98% true). I really like the idea of the blue dot which shows whether there are attachments but it is only useful to me if it reflects the presence or absence of a PDF file. This would allow me to know whether I need to download the PDF to read it or if it is there waiting for me. Most records have a blue dot applied owing to the download of a snapshot for the website where the citation was grabbed - this is utterly useless to me. I'd like to be able to select the behavior of the "attachment flag" or have it indicate only if a PDF is present.
  • I don't have an opinion on whether this should be possible or not (it's not right now), but you can see all items that do not have a PDF attachment using two advanced searches:

    1) Has PDF: Attachment File Type -- is -- PDF; Show only top-level items; Include parent and child items of matching items

    2) No PDF: Saved Search -- is not -- Has PDF; Show only top-level items
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