Export:BibTeX: How to get "howpublished" field?

I downloaded zotero today and have begun (re)building my bibliography for use with BibTeX.

When I export, none of my URLs are making it into the file generated from my LaTeX document. I notice in the .bib file generated by Zotero, that there is a "url" field but not the standard "howpublished".

As per https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/1302/, support for "howpublished" seems to have been added, yet I am not seeing it.

I see per https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/4331/, the claim "next gen" systems are using "url", however good old BibTeX does not, and none of the standard styles (plain, ieeetr, etc.) support this.

I found instructions for modifying the source code by hand (seriously?) for a Windows system,...
...however I cannot find such a file on the Mac.

I found some other bare code...
...but no idea where to access the source to make this change. I am effectively an "end user" in this regard.

For now, I go in manually to the exported .bib file, and do a global replace of ' url = ' to ' howpublished = ', but this of course gets overwritten every time I export in Zotero.

Any additional insight would be appreciated.
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    as noksagt and others explain in the thread you link to:
    there is no such thing as "standard" Bibtex. We decided that url, all things together, is a better choice than howpublished (edit: here's the rationale for that: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/24554/bibtex-doubled-url/#Item_9), and yes, the only way to change this on output is to change the output translator.
    That works the same way on Mac and Windows, you can find the BibTex.js style in the translator folder in the Zotero data directory:
  • Ahhh. Ok. I'd been looking under ~/Library/Application\ Support/Mozilla, which is practically empty...

    Made the change, got what I wanted. Thanks.
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