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Please add support for www.library.upenn.edu
  • Although we support most Voyager OPACs, we currently do not support the U Penn library catalog because it does not allow for direct MARC record download (only "Brief Record" and "Full Record"). If you can convince someone in the library to add the option to download MARC records, Zotero will immediately begin to work.
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    I asked one of the reference librarians about this, and she wasn't sure what Marc Record download meant. She said "Franklin does offer the Marc View on record pages, but we call it "staff view" not "MARC view". They might be talking about Z39.50 as well, but I doubt it. I think they might just not recognize that staff view=MARC view. I'd be glad to sort this out with them directly if you like. Just let me know who to contact, or have them contact me" Is that the problem? If not, what does marc record download mean? Her email address is [edited]
  • Thanks for following up on this issue with the library. Please take a look at one of our supported Voyager sites – UPenn uses Voyager OPAC – such as the Library of Congress or UCLA. At the bottom of search result and individual record pages, you'll see a drop-down box with a choice of download or print formats. Our supported sites all offer MARC as an option. If UPenn offers a MARC binary download option, Zotero will be able to support the library's catalog.
  • Based on your advice, the librarian I spoke with at UPenn added a MARC option in both the search result and individual result pages. Zotero is still not working on these pages--does it have to be added on your end?
  • UPenn has been functional for several weeks. Closing this thread.
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