Unable to use Zotero offline in FF portable.

I believe this is not a specifically FF3 problem, but I have noticed that Zotero doesn't work if FF Portable has not found a proxy server. I just get a little yellow triangle across the icon and no functionality. As soon as I change the proxy to one that works, it's back.
Perusing this website, it looks like this should work .
The FAQ's say

Where does Zotero store my references and notes?

Zotero stores everything on your computer in a subdirectory of your Firefox profile directory. That is why Zotero can be used offline as well.

So what's not working?
  • Follow the steps in the Advanced Instructions section of the Reporting Bugs page and let us know what appears in the Error Console when you get the triangle.
  • Ok, I think this is it.
    The error report function reported this seven times. (Its the only error)
    [JavaScript Error: "t.select is not a function" {file: "chrome://zotero/content/itemPane.js" line: 1097}]
    The ID number for the report is 1267470235
    Steps to replicate - very easy!
    FF3 portable and Zotero 1.0.6 on a USB.
    Plug the USB into any computer where the proxy is not already set in FF3 and the problem occurs. FF3 comes up with a "can't connect" dialogue and Zotero says it's disabled.
  • Are you sure you're starting Zotero from a closed state? You can't get "t.select is not a function" unless the Zotero pane is open. Close all Firefox windows, and if necessary restart your computer to make sure Firefox is completely closed. Then check the console.
  • I've had a few goes at recreating the problem. Oddly it seems to be working offline for now even without proxy connection , at least on my work computer. I'll have another go at replicating the circumstances on a couple of other computers.
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