Import Access bibliographic database?


I developp a bibliographic with Access for years in french history and literature. I have more than 10 000 items. It's time to move to a tool like Zotero...
The only way I found to import my Access bibliographic database into Zotero was:
1) I import it in Endnote as "tab delimited file", after some essays, without any problem
2) I export from Endnote to Zotero via export format like RIS or BibTex, but as it said in others forums, this way is not perfect, and I loose a lot of datas in different fields.
I try with small numer of items, but there is to many problems to try again.

Is ther a way to import Access database via a "tab delimited file" directly in Zotero? Or if some one have an other suggestion do to it.

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