Author suffix in APA format

I am having trouble getting the citation format right when an author has a suffix in his/her name (e.g., "Jr."). According to the APA format, this is how I'm supposed to cite this author in the reference list:

Smith, A. B., Jr. (2008). Article title. Etc...

The problem is, if I list the last name as "Smith" and first name as "A. B., Jr." in Zotero, Zotero doesn't recognize the "Jr." part as an author suffix, so it cites the person as "Smith, A. B. J." Listing the author's last name as "Smith, Jr." will cause Zotero to cite it as "Smith, Jr., A. B." Making it a single field author entry (as "A. B. Smith, Jr.") doesn't yield the proper citation either.

Any advice as to what I should do to get it right? Thanks very much!!
  • Any answers to this? I am having the same problem.
  • It is not ideal, but you can always use the full name box instead of the First and Last name boxes. You can toggle back and forth between the two by clicking on the white box to the right of an author's name.
  • also having this problem and it would be nice if there was a format but in the grand scheme of things, it is barely a problem. Just 'edit citation' after selecting it in the 'insert citation' window - delete the ", Jr." And then remember to edit it in the bibliography, really not that much extra time. Hopefully you don't cite very many authors that feel the need to make sure everyone knows their daddy has the same name.
  • I understand there's a way to tell Zotero, in APA Style, not to initialize a first name. The links where we discussed this are at the bottom. I think this may work for you, but one would apparently need to input the first names as it should appear in the bibliography, which may mean removing the first names.
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    When the new CSL processor comes onstream in Zotero 2.1, it will be able to handle both III and Jr, like this, and like this. I suppose I felt a need to implement it correctly because I am among the authors affected.

    Frank Bennett, Jr.
  • Add my name to the list. I am also disappointed that Zotero does not have a facility for handling name suffixes (Jr., Sr., III, IV, etc.), and that this has not been resolved even after four years!

    Eric Pement
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    That's long since been possible (see fbennett's post above). Add suffixes with a comma after the firstname, as in
    Bennett, Frank, Jr.

    edit: fixed mistake to avoid confusion.
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    The Jr or III go at the end of the Zotero given name field, rather than the surname/family name -- adamsmith's example is correct.

    I've fixed the stale "like this" links above.
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