Export/print simple list of titles?

Hi, is there any way to produce a simple list of items by title & author from Zotero in any clean text format (preferably CSV) that I can open in Word or Excel, and can then sort by field? I can open the html in Word, and then copy/paste to Excel, but the fields would not be in columns. I suppose I could generate a report and use search-and-replace to delete all html codes & other fields, and add in CSV separators, but I am hoping there is a faster way to do it!

I read the documentation on reports & looked at the Zotero Report Customizer online, but neither seemed to help.

  • It'd be very easy to write a citation style that just gives your authors and titles separated by semicolons (so you can open that as .csv)
    What do you want this for more specifically?
  • I'm trying to remove duplicates between Zotero, Calibre, and .pdfs that may or may not be in either. There are a lot of records, so I'm trying to figure out a way to automatically do the comparison, and Excel is the program I'm most familiar with that would be able to do that. I suppose I'd like ISBN also, but I think those 3 should be all I would need to do this.

    So my best bet is to figure out how to write a citation style that will output this list?
  • you can use this
    not sure if that's what you're looking for.
    Code is here:
    Most of it isn't actually needed, but no time to remove it.
  • Perfect, thanks!
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