[solved] Where is my database ?


From this morning, my database of five years of research is totally empty, as it was reseted. The sync isn't working anymore.

I've no idea what's happened to explain this. Yesterday, everything was working well, I could read and write on the database. Any update ? Maybe, but nothing I've done by myself. I've checked the localisation of the sqlite file, nothing is wrong. I've checked the database integrity (in the preference panel), there is no error. I've checked the database synced on the zotero server, online nothing is missing.

The only thing goes wrong is that I've nothing neither in the zotero panel in firefox, or in the standalone version.

Infos : Ubuntu Linux 12.10 / Firefox 24.0 / Zotero 4.0.12

What I can do ?
Any help would be appreciated,

  • Solved. Sorry for the inconvenience (a root folder has been moved, probably in a wrong move). :)
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