External duplicate find tool shows PDFs that doesn't appear in Zotero search

Hi, I am using an external duplicate find tool which shows PDFs that doesn't appear when I use Zotero search. Here there is the image of the duplicates name: http://snag.gy/P69t9.jpg

I am trying to find it inside Zotero in order to delete the files. But I can,t. I am not sure if the fact I have renamed lots of files using Zotfile can create leftovers.

I used the "advanced search" => "attachment content" and pasted the name of the PDF, but in none cases it shows the PDFs. By the way, it seems not the search the name of the PDFs, am I right.

Anyway, I intend to delete these duplicates and I would appreciate help to know how to deal with.

Many thanks,
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