Drag-and-drop to attach files


For me, it would be very convenient to be able to drag files (typically PDF files) from Windows explorer and drop them onto an item to create an attachment. Perhaps on such a drag-and-drop, Zotero could ask whether a link to, or copy of, the file should be stored in Zotero.


  • This feature is planned for the near future.
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    Along that line, if I'm looking at a PDF in FireFox that I'd like to associate with an item, I'd like to be able to drag the favicon next to the URL down to the item and drop it there. The current behavior actually indicates that this is possible: little markers show up where the cursor is, indicating that it will drop the item at that location when you let go. However, when I let go, it just adds the item to the top-level, instead of where I was expecting it, and I have to manually associate it with the item by dragging and dropping within the Zotero pane.

    (This is on a Mac w/ FF
  • incidentist: drag the favicon over the parent item instead. (You're right that when the position marker is between child items it should create a child item, though—I'll create a ticket.)

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    Huh. I could have sworn I tried that (dragging to the parent item) a bunch of times to no avail, but now it seems to work fine. That's some nice voodoo you got there.
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