"Remove selected item" on a note fails

When I right-click on a newly created note and choose "Remove selected item", nothing happens. "Delete selected item from library..." works fine.
  • This is referring to a child note?

    Actually, "Remove selected item" shouldn't even be an option on child items, since they don't technically exist in the collections themselves anyway, and removing them therefore makes no sense. We'll remove that.
  • Yep I was referring to a child item Dan.
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    I am finding the same problem (2.0b4).

    1. clip item into "My Library"... no problem
    2. move item to a collection folder... no problem
    3. right-click on item in the folder... select "Remove Selected Item"... nothing happens

    Anyone else experiencing this problem? Have you found a solution?
  • Still a problem in 2.0b5
  • Seems to only be an issue for sync'ed folders
  • I cannot reproduce this. Do you get any errors? Have you checked your debug output?
  • I can't reproduce this either. (Also note that this (very old) thread was originally about the "Remove Selected Item" option appearing erroneously on child items.)

    Restart Firefox, reproduce the problem, send in an error report with Report Errors under the gear menu, and post the Report ID here.
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    This is the closest thread I could find....I experienced an error similar to sbrandt's post on 5/28/2009.

    Running 2.0b5. Library is webdav synced & extensions.zotero.recursiveCollections= true. Three records of nine were affected. All nine records contained multiple children.

    1) Parent record exists in Collection-1.
    2) I successfully copied 9 parent records to a subcollection of Collection-2.
    ____Records appear in the subcollection and in Collection-2 folder
    ____(recursion appears intact.)
    3) Selected all 9 records in Collection-1.
    4) Right-click -> Remove Selected Item (from Collection-1).
    ____Only 6 of the 9 parent items were eliminated.
    5) Individually selected the 3 remaining parent records.
    6) Right-click -> Remove Selected Item.
    ____ Again, records were not removed.
    ____ No warning/error message was displayed.

    The following actions did not affect the outcome of repeating steps 5 & 6:
    * Empty Trash.
    * Purge Deleted/Orphaned Storage Files.
    * Manual Sync.
    * Close/re-open Zotero pane.

    To obtain an error report, I restarted Firefox, assuming I could reproduce the problem. However, after restarting Firefox, repeating steps 5 & 6 above causes records to be removed from the collection, as originally desired.
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