Make it possible to record the change of case in tags

Hi there!

I juste wanted to add a small enhancement request here:
I often add tags to publications and forget to upper-case first letters they way I want (or the automatic tagging does not result in what I want). When I go and edit the tag, it does not recort it if the change is just a change of case.

I guess this could help a lot of people who like there tags to be tidy and readable?

Does that make sense?

  • Right-click on the tag in the tag selector in the bottom left and click Rename. You have to change the case for all items with that tag.
  • Thanks for your reply, Dan.
    So, what the tagger of each item does is that it matches automatically a tag that was used before, changing the case?
    Or does it just go back to the previous case automatically?
  • You can think of tags as individual entities, and there's only one tag for a given series of characters — regardless of case — per library. Items are linked to tags. So if a tag already exists with a given casing and you try to add it to an item, Zotero will use the existing casing, since it's actually just adding a link to the existing tag. To change the case of the existing tag entity, you have to rename it directly via the tag selector.
  • Aaah, see, I was not aware of that as different case versions of the tag are listed as two tags in the tag list. I just noticed that selecting one is exactly the same as selecting the other.

    Good to know, thank you for your help!
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