how identify the incorrect Collection of a misfiled item?

This problem has been bugging me for years and I finally decided to ask about it. I have an elaborate, highly organized hierarchy of collections, all of which are subordinate to "My Library," which is the only top-level folder. My usual procedure is to download a citation to "My Library" and then drag it from there into its proper collection, but sometimes I accidentally drag one into the wrong folder and don't stumble across the mistake until later. At that point in "My Library" I drag the item into the right folder, but then I need to go to the wrong one and remove the misfiled entry--and there's the rub. I have probably around a hundred collections, so I can't simply rummage through them all; I need a way to automatically figure out which one contains the instance of the misfiled item. I can't figure out a way to do that--search certainly doesn't; it will only bounce me to the top-level "My Library" entry.

All these years I've been simply deleting the whole item from Zotero, looking up the item online again, and making d---d sure it goes in the right place this time. But there's got to be a way to actually identify all the subcollections that contain instances of the particular item, right? But checking the parent/child box in Search does not seem to do that.
    should work pretty well
  • Though it probably doesn't work that great if you
    have probably around a hundred collections
    @adamsmith, do you recall if there has been any formal discussion (with feedback from Dan or Simon) about an additional tab to list collections?
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    yes, though nothing definite:
    (I'm in favor, btw.)
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    Ah-so, there is no solution. Stink. OK, adding a feature request. (*sigh*)

    Automatic tags are the only kind that would be relevant here because the accident generally occurs immediately upon download, before any subsequent additions; and I don't use tags at all anyway, just my carefully organized set of collections. Even if I did use tags, I don't see how they'd be any more effective than just opening up each collection manually and then performing a search for the item, because there's nothing about a tag displayed in My Library that shows what collections a tagged item is in. Remember, we're starting with an item in My Library and trying to figure out what subcollection(s) it's in. That's the task at issue here, and tags seem no help at all for it.
  • did you see my link above? That might not work super well with large libraries, but especially when you put Zotero on a full screen, it will still work decently well.
  • Yes, see my objections to the keyboard method in . By the way, if anyone else is reading this and goes to that link but can't find the method, don't be alarmed--it's easy to miss. The easiest way to find it is to go to the separate dedicated page . But if you've already followed adamsmith's link and have the page open, you can also scroll down until you find the topic "Identifying Collections an Item is In".
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