Sync error issues

I have been trying to get this sync error resolved by myself without having to bother the devs for this, but to no avail. here is the relevant info:

Description of problem: I am getting a sync error on the zotero standalone (v 4.0.11) on my Windows 7 PC. The error complains about an author first name field being too long, and also about some tags being changed in multiple places. Manually syncing also identifies another citation that is causing a problem as there is some sort of sync conflict with it. I have tried deleting the offending papers, but the same errors occur each time. Re-installing zotero standalone and replacing the zotero.sqlite file with my old one (that still had the sync error) reproduced the problem. I attempted to resolve database corruption in that file with the Zotero Database repair tool. I was given reference number 52558e4f03f1c for this repair.
The repaired zotero.sqlite file did not fix the issue.

error ID from error console: 1714034909

I hate to bug you guys/gals about this, but after having my hard-drive fail and having a scare about losing my library because it isn't syncing was enough to light a fire under me to resolve the issue. I'd really appreciate your help!
  • You have to empty the trash after deleting the items with the too-long authors (or you can just correct the names).
  • Thanks, I have tried emptying the trash and re-syncing, but it looks like Zotero is pulling in files from the web manager to replace the missing ones. I deleted them here, and then tried to empty the trahs and re-sync in standalone but got an error message about the zotero server timing out:

    error code: 82363471
  • That's a separate issue, then. The error message you were getting was about names that were too long to sync, so by definition they couldn't have been coming from the server.

    Wait a few minutes and try again. If you still have trouble, post again here.
  • just posting to say that this issue was resolved. It seems that each time I would fix an error, and then initiate a sync, a new error would be uncovered. after several rounds of this (and deleting my trash from the web app prior to initiating sync in standalone) I was able to sync my library. A test this morning confirms that everything is working fine. Thanks for the help!
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