unwanted images saved, bloat file

I recently installed Picasa and the prog showed me also all of the image content saved by Zotero. I was very surprised to have more than 500 unwanted pictures saved, and I don't know how they were drawn into zotero. I guess they arrived unintendedly when saving a web page.

The effect: With about 3,000 documents the sqlite file takes 110 Mo, and the zotero folders about 2.5 Go on the pc.

How can I avoid to save completely useless image info ?

  • you can't. Zotero takes snapshots of webpages, they have to contain all the images on that webpage, else they wouldn't be snapshots. You can delete the ones you don't want in Zotero, of course.
    fbennett has a tool that will extract just the text of webpages, but it will only work on his MLZ fork of Zotero (https://github.com/fbennett/mlz-attacher and www.citationstylist.org )
  • If I manually delete the useles images would this impact the integrity of the file ?
    The interest is also to reduce the file size so that I can use a sleak file for syncing.
  • you can delete the images without any problems. Just make sure you don't delete the .html file
  • FYI, manually deleting the images will remove them from your computer, but will not delete them from the storage server if they have already been synced.
  • Would this mean that they come back from the server once I have synced ?
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