Slow collections in web version

I don't know if this is a "troubleshooting" problem - I love the web version of Zotero, it is entirely useful on a tablet. The only problem is that collections load very slowly. I have a fairly large database -- 11,000 items, lots of collections. When I open My Library on the web the tags load instantly, the items in the right column load quite fast, but the collections may take a full minute (this is true on a fast Windows computer as well as on a tablet, so I think the problem is on the Zotero end). Anything I can do to speed it up?
  • How many collections total (the entire hierarchy)? And it only loads once when you open the site, not on every subsequent click around the library, right?

    There is not much you can do. How long it takes to load collections is entirely dependent on how many there are.

    Tags are aggressively cached which causes its own problems and wouldn't work for collections, while items only need to load exactly what you see (instead of your entire library). And yes, the library on the website depends more on the server, not much on the computer you're viewing it on, but this is more a consequence of browser technology than server hardware.

    Collection loading will be improved, so it doesn't have to load the entire list on every page load, but I can't say precisely when that will make it out.
  • I have more collections than I realized! - around 1500. I can live with this since, as you say, I don't have to refresh the collections very often, they stick most of the time. Look forward to the improvement, though. Thanks for your help, and for a great program.
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