Proquest digital dissertations importing 24 page PDF preview


When using the proquest translator on their digital dissertations, the attached PDF is always a 24 page "preview" PDF, even when I have access to the entire text. Is this intended behavior? Avram, this translator was written by you, according to the credits.

I am quite happy to try to modify the translator, but there is actually quite a lot of code having to do with extracting the PDF links, and I'm not quite sure what is going on.


  • I did that - I'll take a look, I thought it'd get the preview only when there's no full text.
  • It should be fixed. Update your translator via Preferences -> General -> Update Now
  • Wow! thanks. Works great.
  • Though I should note that sometimes ProQuest asks you to enter a captcha to access the PDF (when you click on the PDF link), in which case, Zotero will not be able to attach the PDF. Once you enter the captcha, everything should go back to normal
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