Missing Citation Styles After UPgrade to 1.0.5

I did a search to see if anyone else posted regarding this but didn't find anything but basically I had a longer list of imported citation styles before upgrading to 1.0.5, including some custom ones I had hacked together. They appear to be missing after the upgrade.

It's not too much of a problem as I have the custom ones backed up in text files but it would have been nice to know this was going to happen beforehand... Is it a bug or a feature?

  • Existing styles shouldn't be affected by an upgrade. Did you click Reset Translators and Styles in the Advanced pane of the Zotero prefs? Did you use the URI (<id> field) of a built-in style when creating your new ones?
  • No and Yes! Which I suppose explains that!

    I have reinstalled the custom style although I am having to keep the source style URI in the <id> and corresponding SQLite field populated in order for it to work. Given that my custom style isn't actually hosted anywhere is there anyway of bypassing this requirement?
  • The id field is the primary key in the database (i.e., the field that uniquely identifies the style), so no, it can't be bypassed. The URI you use doesn't matter, though, as long as it's unique.

    If you don't want to see the default version of the style, you can delete the existing row from the csl table, though it'll be re-added if it's updated on our end. (You can of course turn off auto-updating in the Zotero prefs, but you'd then miss out on daily translator updates as well.)
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