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I use Biblioscape now, but am considering switching to Zotero because I'll almost always take a free, open-source solution over a commercial, proprietary one. Anyway, I'd love to see importing of Biblioscape Tagged Files implemented. This would go a long way toward making my (and others' to come, I'm sure) transition easier!
  • Please implement the ability to import Biblioscape citation databases! I too would much rather support the open source movement than a proprietary format. Its one way to fight against the market-commodification of so many aspects of our lives. Happy to donate money to open source!
  • According to this Biblioscape support page, Biblioscape supports export of references as "Refer -- EndNote", "RIS -- Reference Manager" or BibTeX. You should be able to use these formats to transfer your data into Zotero.
  • Yes it is possible to export Biblioscape information. I haven't worked out all the kinks yet, but the method you suggest works.

    In Biblioscape
    Choose the references you'd like to export.
    >File >Export...
    Select the destination directory and file name.
    I had success with RIS format. It's possible BibTex may work better for you.

    In Zotero
    Click the gear icon, >Import...
    Select the file you'd like to import.

    The file will show up as a folder with a timestamp on it. You can rename it, leave it alone, or just leave the references in My Library. Good luck.
  • I got almost perfect results exporting from Biblioscape to Endnote and than importing to Zotero - much better than e.g. RIS.
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