Search and import documents from repositories

One feature that would make Zotero the greatest app of it's kind would be the ability to search in repositories (ieee, acm, etc), and automatically import not only meta-data but also the papers themselves. There's an application for MacOS called Papers that does this, and it is the only feature I really miss in Zotero.
  • Zotero does exactly this with many databases. Just make sure you have the "Automatically attach PDFs and other files when saving items" preference checked in your preference pane.
  • This is great! thank you! Was this feature recently added? I don't remember it from previous versions. Congratulations for this great application which is zotero!

    Now all it's missing is the distributed search in repositories :) I mean, I would enter a term in zotero, and it would search it on chosen repositories and return the consolidated list of results (or a list of results for each searched repository, i'm not sure which of the behaviours would be the most useful).
  • This feature has been in Zotero since the very beginning (2006). Thanks for your words of support.
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