Drag and drop references to Google Docs: encoding issue


When I drag and drop a reference from Zotero Standalone into a Google Docs, the result looks as follows: http://i.imgur.com/KBXdEPW.png

To me this looks like an encoding error.

How can this be fixed?
  • I am on Arch Linux 64 Bit.

    Installed packages:

    zotero 4.0.11-1
  • works for me on ubuntu - Linux clipboards are finicky, so my first impulse would be to look for the problem there. Do you have the "Copy as HTML" option checked under Export? If so, may be worth trying without.
  • I do not use any clipboard manager. Just vanilla Gnome.

    I did not check the "Copy as HTML" option.

    These are my export settings: http://i.imgur.com/hxI2QgV.png
  • not sure what to say - this problem doesn't appear on any other OS, which strongly suggests it has something to do either with the way the Clipboard is implemented in ArchLinux, or the Zotero packaging for ArchLinux. You could try contacting the packager and see if s/he can replicate this and has any ideas.
  • Yes, I will do this. What I just tried was to copy and paste via keyboard shortcuts and this is working without a problem.
  • Exactly the same problem here. Reproduce:

    Chromium 33.0.1750.152 Ubuntu 13.10 (256984)
    Zotero Standalone 4.0.19
    No clipboard manager

    It only happens when using drag and drop to Google Drive Doc. Copying is ok.

    Something I could try?
  • I can replicate that, but only with Chromium. drag&drop from Zotero Standalone to google doc on Firefox works fine.
    I'd just use the keyboard shortcuts (ctrl+shift+c for bibliography, ctrl+shift+a for citations) - that doesn't really take any longer.
  • Yes, I do it this way and it is no problem for me. I only wanted to contribute for debugging.

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