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I really wonder how to import an rdf file I recently exported. When I right-click in "my library" there is a menu for exporting, as I did recently with a certain folder containing pdf-files. Actually it should be that easy to re-import the file....but it isn't. Where is the button for importing?? I must be blind.
  • It's in the main menu (aka gear menu. You click on the button that looks like a gear/cog)
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    But also there is very little reason to be exporting and importing RDF files and most of the time doing this may cause further problems. What are you trying to accomplish?
  • I had a folder in my libraries and exported that folder (rdf). Due to your hint with the gear I was able to re-import it easily :-)

    So what would be the approach like when u have a certain folder in your library that u wish to export? I went back to win7 tonight as win8 is not fully supported on my mbp2008. That was my reason for backing zotero up in order to recover all entries after format:c
  • Exporting is not equivalent to a backup.

    Backup instructions are documented here:
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