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I have collections of citations from previous projects that I no longer use. However, I don't want to delete these because they may become useful in the future. Is it possible to add a feature to "archive" citations so that they do not appear, but are retrievable in case necessary? This would be similar to archiving conversations in Gmail. Thanks
  • You could tag the entries with the collection name.

    That way you can remove the collection, but still recreate it easily. The items would still be in your Library, though.
  • One workaround would be to start a group library just for yourself and copy the items there and then delete them from your "My library".
  • I am looking for a way to remove the collection from the library. One advantage of this would be that irrelevant citations do not appear when citing sources in Word. Starting a group library sounds like it could work but this sounds a bit more cumbersome than it ought to be.
  • (Removing a collection does not remove the items)

    You can also export the items to a file and then delete them. This has the downside that it will break the linkage between the citations in your documents and the items in Zotero because item IDs are not exported.

    And actually, the items in the group library would still appear in the citation dialog, but as their own section.
  • Hi – I'm reading this in 2019 and would also like for this feature to be available. My use case would be archiving smaller research projects that are generally unrelated to my main field of study, so that those files don't cloud my overall library. Thanks!
  • I suggest using Group Libraries for these types of projects, even if you are working by yourself.
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