Hebrew citation format

although Zotero can handle most things i type and insert in Hebrew (which is Right to Left) there is no support for the citation special word that are used.
for example, when citing a Hebrew web page in APA, you do not say "Retrieved from", but something else - the same words but in Hebrew.

will there be support for this in future version?
  • All text in Zotero is (or should be) localizable.

    If you're interested in helping with a Hebrew localization for Zotero, please see http://dev.zotero.org/docs/localization. (Citations strings are set in locales.xml, which, as described on that page, takes a little bit of extra work.)
  • well, i have taken a look at babelzilla, and even started translating abit.
    but as for the Locales file, i believe it is missing a couple of things:
    1) how can zotero detect if the citation is done in a language that should be displayed as RTL and not LTR. when copying it to clipboard for example and pasting it in Word.

    2) in hebrew when you write the person first letter in their first name, you do not use a period after it, but an apostrophe.

    and i did not see how it can be done inside the file.
  • I'll need to look into question 1. As for question 2, you will need to create an APA CSL localized for Hebrew. CSLs are stored in Zotero's sqlite database. You can also find the code at the end of the scrapers.sql file inside the Zotero extension.

    Thank you for working on the Hebrew localization of Zotero's interface.
  • hi Sean,
    well, i have no knowledge in SQLite, but i manage, i think, to find the code you were talking about in the end of the scrapers.sql file.
    but i am afraid i was unable to figure out much about it.
    nor do i know how to create that CSL thingy (i guess its all about copy and paste though).
    do you happen to know if there some sort of guide of what all of this code is about, or should i find an sqlite expert who will do the work for me? :-)
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