Display and loading lib folders only those selected

Hi there,
I have Zotero (Firefox) for several years, the lib folders become more and more (under the "My library" main folder), say 100 folders for example, but certainly, not all of them I would open and use. In a certain period, I just use 3-4 folders. If the folder with a name "Yield" (near the end of the list), I need to type "Y" every time when I open Zotero to access it. If I have many folders, the names start with the same letter, I also need to try to find the one I want.

So Is that possible to have a function that I can disable some folders and not showing them? Can they also be disabled these folders from loading the database (slow)? But I can still cite them in Word?

Recently I just renamed the folder with an additional number prefixed like "1_Yield", "2_Oxidation", then I can see them at the top of the folder list.

  • You can't do this, no, but I'm wondering why you wouldn't just create a collection "Archive" and then just drag all collections you're not currently using into that collection? If you keep it collapsed, it won't take up any space.
    Collections don't actually take much time to load, it's the actual database that does (and should only on first use), so that can't be turned off.
  • Hi Adam,
    Thanks! It seems OK!
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