Right Click not showing any options in zotero window

I just discovered you are supposed to be able to right click in the middle column of the zotero window and get a menu.

Mine install doesn't. Any thoughts as to how to troubleshoot?
  • Are you sure you're looking at the Zotero client rather than the Zotero webpage?
    There's not a single other report of a missing right-click menu.
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    I know there is no other report. I spent 2hrs wading through results for "right click"

    The zotero client is the thingie at the bottom of the firefox window with a library column on the left, the column in the middle with the items (with headings "title, creator, attachment") and a column on the right with the details of the item.

    If so, here is your first report.

    I've had some other trouble with zotero not working on this new install but managed to sort them all. This is what I've done. (in case it is useful)
    A few months ago I installed Mageia 3. I used my old home folder from Mandriva 2010.2. a few days ago when I tried using Zotero in LibreOffice it would not do anything.

    Zotero toolbar is visible in Libreoffice (Version (Build ID: on Mageia 3, but it won't do anything when you click on one of the buttons.

    The only errors I have seen is in LibreOffice tools/extension manager where for Zotero it says "Error: The status of this extension is unknown". When I clicked "Enable" I got "java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException"

    I have updated to Zotero 4.0.12 in Firefox 17.0.9 ESR.
    I have reinstalled the LibreOffice plugin (3.5.8) in Firefox.
    I have removed the user profile for LibreOffice (~/.config/libreoffice/4/). (made no difference so I put the old profile back)
    I reinstalled the LibreOffice plugin in Firefox.
    I have installed the latest jre (jre 1.7.0_40) and changed the settings for it in LibreOffice tools/options/advanced/.
    I've checked to make sure the paths are correct for unopkg.
    I have reinstalled the LibreOffice plugin in Firefox.
    I have removed the extension from LibreOffice tools/extension manager.
    I have reinstalled the LibreOffice plugin in Firefox.
    I have restarted my PC many times.

    When I first started trying to get it to work in LibreOffice, the Zotero Toolbar was visible, now it is not. Other than in the extensions manager, I find no mention of Zotero. The tooltips show lots of Zotero related data when I hover over citations in an existing document.

    I don't know what I did after this but the toolbar appeared and started working.
  • You can try providing an error report ID
    you'd also want to try to disable all other Firefox plugins & themes (if applicable).
  • The only other plugin I have that I thought might have something to do with right click is RightToClick so I disabled it and restarted Firefox but no change.
  • you really do want to try this with all add-ons disabled for debugging.
  • My comment about RightToClick was posted before I saw yours about posting an error.

    I've disabled all except zotero and I have a right click menu that I have not seen before!!! Now I have to ID which addon caused this.
  • Facebook Privacy Watcher kills the right click menu of Zotero.

    I disabled all my addons and put them back one by one and restarted Firefox (17.0.9ESR) each time. The Zotero menu appears and disappears when disabling and re-enabling Facebook Privacy Watcher.

    I have sent emails to let the author know.

    Thanks for your help.
  • thanks, added here: http://www.zotero.org/support/known_issues?&#incompatible_extensions_and_applications
  • Am I correct in assuming that if the "Retrieve Metadata From PDF" is not listed in the right click menu, that there is no information available to add that data for that pdf or do I maybe still have a problem?
  • that option only shows up for PDFs that are _not_ attached to any item. It should show up for every such PDF, though - even where the PDF contains no OCRd text (you'd get a message to that extent when trying to use it then).
  • Attached would mean I would see something under "Related" in the right hand column?

    Nothing there and 10 items in the right click menu when clicking on a pdf.
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    no, if you have a related tab at all that means it's attached - you have the top level item with the metadata and the PDF attached to it. The PDF needs to be a top level item.
    See the example of an attached and a top level PDF here:
  • Just moved it to be top level and got the menu but got "PDF contains no OCRd text"
    Thanks again
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