Library view not triggering ZoteroItemUpdated is not doing a great job triggering ZoteroItemUpdated event in library view. E.g. if you open up the library view, click on an item (the URL bar icon is displayed for that item), and then go back to library view, the URL bar icon is not updated to "multiple".

I bypassed this in the translator using Z.monitorDOMChanges, but it's a bit sad that it doesn't just work.
  • Should be fixed.
  • Great that seems to be working now.

    While I have your attention, there are a couple more nits
    1. We seem to have lost the <link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml"...(and rss) autodiscovery elements in library views

    2. Pressing Refresh for tags seems to display them starting from a seemingly random point. E.g. will display tags sometimes starting from "american", sometimes from "homemade", sometimes from "marriage", etc.
  • I believe 1 is fixed now. It was already working as far as I can tell on public user libraries, it should now be working properly on groups with public libraries.

    2 happens when the tags haven't finished loading the first time yet. Hitting refresh then has two series of tag loading requests going at the same time. Mark's library may be causing more bizarre problems too, my browser actually exhausted the allowed local storage while loading his tags.

    That is obviously broken, but it should affect few enough people that I might just leave it until the tag loading is replaced with one taking advantage of the new sync API.
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