Journal of the Royal Society Interface

I see there is no style for Journal of the Royal Society Interface. They say they are using Vancouver, but the Vancouver style in Zotero is not doing italics, bold, and it is putting date in the different place from the examples below. I don't need a separate style of someone can point me to a style that does the requirements below (or very close). I am in a bit of a hurry. Thanks a lot!

Author surnames with initials (up to 10 before et al is used)
• Year of publication
• Title of paper (roman) or book (italic)
• Journal name (italic), using standard abbreviation
• Volume number (bold)
• First and last page numbers

Note that for a book, the edition the chapter(s) and its/their page range(s), the editor(s), the place of publication (if it is not obvious) and the name of the publisher should be given, for instance:
• Falconer, D. S. 1981 Introduction to quantitative genetics, 2nd edn. London: Longman.
• Falkenmark, M. 1993 Landscape as life support provider: water-related limitations. In Population-the complex reality (ed. F. Graham-Smith), pp. 103-116. London: The Royal Society.
• Nilsson, L. A. 1988 The evolution of flowers with deep corolla tubes. Nature 334, 147-149.
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