Word Plugin - full keyboard access

When using the Word plugin, I found that it was not fully keyboard accessible. E.g., I have customized the "insert citation" command as Alt-1, then in the quick citation window, i type some author name, then press Cntrl-down arrow to get more options (such as suppress author). But I cannot actually choose these options except by pressing Tab repeatedly. Normally, in a Windows-compatible software, one should also be able to access different parts of the window (prefix, suffix, suppress author, open in.., etc) using Alt+some letter (alt-p for prefix, alt-s for suffix, alt-u for suppress, alt-o for open in, etc.). Can this feature be implemented?

It would also be nice if the plugin could integrate into the Word menus (tool or insert menu) smoothly, the way Endnote has done with its plugin. Makes full keyboard based access easy.
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