My modified CSL file disappeared

What did I do wrong? I modified my .csl file, changed the file name, title, (maybe not id?) and it worked fine, then disappeared two weeks later from my styles folder. I've edited again, changed the file name, title, and ID. Is it safe? I gather that this is due to some periodic updating that I don't think I need. CMOS endnote style does not seem to me to need constant updating.
  • I thought I mentioned this to you before - styles update periodically based on their id. If you don't change the id, the style will be overwritten by Zotero during automatic style updates, yes. So now that you've changed the id you'll be fine.
  • I am certain you did mention that before and I must have thought I had done everything I was told, but lessons taught are not lessons learned. Now I think I have it right. Thanks.
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