[solved] Citations are not correctly inserted in LibreOffice


I have the following problem. When I insert a citation and continue writing after the citation, my further text is seen as being part of the former citation.

This screenshot better shows what I mean: http://i.imgur.com/iptVFh2.png

Although I am inserting a space after the citation brackets, my text remains part of the citation.

How can I resolve this?
  • this should only happen when you go back to a citation. If you insert a citation and immediately type something, I'm pretty sure you will find it doesn't become part of the citation. The only way I can replicate this is
    Insert citation --> Space --> back arrow --> start typing

    In those cases you can just do
    return --> space --> backwards arrow --> backspace --> forward arrow.
  • Thanks Adam!

    Indeed this only happens when I go back to the citation before continuing writing.
  • (FWIW, while it would be nice to not have this issue at all, it's due to the way LO handles reference marks, nothing Zotero can do here).
  • Right. Probably it is worth to discuss this issue on the LibreOffice mailing list as well.
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