Attachments not visible in Internet Explorer


I mostly access my library from the stand alone, but also use FireFox. Had a look for an item today in Internet Exporer because a library member couldn't see an attachment. I had the same result -- record is visible, but no evidence of attachments. Pulled it up in Chrome and attachments were visible. So, the issue seems to be limited to how the record is displayed in IE (v.9 on my system -- not sure what the other person was running).

Cheers, Brian
  • This does sound like it's a problem with the website library on IE. Thanks for letting us know. I'll post again after investigating a bit.
  • Thanks Mate,

    Been a long time since I accessed a record in Zotero, but just thinking about it, I recall a multi-step process (one of the irritating features of the IE interface compared to other alternatives). Not sure, but I think there might have been two pages for a record. The first was more cursory and the second provided additional detail, including attachment links. I think the navigation between might have been non-intuitive, such as the item title being a hyperlink. It's not now, so if my recollection is correct, that might be the problem -- no way to get to the detailed record...
  • I think this should be fixed.
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