Customize the "Item Type" list

Hi everyone,

I've been using Zotero for quite some time in order to collect sources for my PHD. Mostly PDFs. Once a PDF is imported to Zotero, I use the retrieve metadata function and accept any kind of "Item Type" thats suggested by Z. So far so good.

Now my collection is getting huge and rather chaotic. So I decided to sort by hand the Items. I would like to customize the Item Type list...

In my field there is a huge difference between citing a PHD-thesis (or Dissertation) and citing a Masters-thesis. I would like to differentiate this items in Z. How do I add the Item Type "Thesis"

Can I change or delete already available Items Types in the list?
E.g. I don't need the Type "Law" (Ger: Gesetz) or "Law Draft" (Ger: Gesetzentwurf). These Types just use space and will never be used (in my case). This is only an example... without thinking it twice, I could delete 8-10 Types and add some. Instead I'll add "Thesis - Masters" "Thesis - Bachelor" and so on.

Is there a way to customize the Item Type list?

Thank you in advance!

  • No, you can't currently customize item types and won't be able any time soon. It creates all types of issues - GUI, syncing, export, citations - so implementing it is a major challenge. Might still happen, but if it does it's very much in the long term.
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