Is it possible to insert Citation in OpenOffice without Brackets?

I am a new zotero user. I am trying to insert citations from my zotero library to an OpenOffice document without brackets. Is it possible?
  • Orpheus,

    The way in which the citation is represented in your document - brackets, superscripts, etc. - depends on which "citation style" you select. There are many such citation styles included with zotero and even more available online.

    You can access and select amongst these styles from the "Zotero Preferences" icon which should be accessible within OpenOffice. The Preferences Icon has a "gear" and a small z in the lower left corner of the icon. It is the right most of the zotero icons which you will have installed as your openoffice extension. The default on my version is APA, but you can choose whichever you like.

    In fact, being able to select (and change on the fly) the citation style is one of the chief advantages of this sort of tool. Write the document in style A, submit it is style B, revise to style C all without reworking the citations, just select a style, regenerate the document, and you are away.
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