Translator troubles (I think?)

I've noticed two problems recently, which may or may not be related.

Firstly that when saving a PDF, I used to have an option in Firefox's Save box to "Save to Zotero", which would automatically look for metadata. This option has gone away.

Secondly, I no longer have a address bar icon to save generic web pages. This is not a "no translators at all" problem - Amazon still gives an icon, as do Google Scholar and EBSCOHost.

Any ideas? Thanks.

EDIT: this is Firefox 23.0.1 on Win7/x64, with Zotero 4.0.12 installed. Zotfile is also installed. Zotero standalone is also on the system, but I get the same symptoms whether or not it is running.
  • 1. "Save to Zotero" is an option in Firefox's generic PDF download dialog. I suspect you're just not getting that dialog anymore, likely because Firefox just opens PDFs in its own PDF viewer. If you use the download function there, you'll almost certainly still get the "Save to Zotero" option.
    If you're sure you don't, please provide a screenshot of the download dialog without that option, post it to a free image hosting site like and provide a link here

    2. Such an icon has never existed. You can either use right-click --> Zotero --> Create Web Page Item from Current Page or, when not running Standalone, click the "Create New Web Page Item from Current Page" button in the Zotero toolbar.
  • 1. OK, more info: If I start Firefox first, the Save To Zotero option is there for PDFs. If I start standalone Zotero first, and then firefox, it is absent. Screenshot for proof:

    2. I stand corrected! I must have misremembered.
  • ah OK, I didn't think about standalone. The feature isn't available when Zotero for Firefox is in connector mode, i.e. when Standalone is open (the order in which you open them shouldn't matter, though.)
  • Ah, right - I probably didn't try opening Firefox and then standalone Zotero yesterday. Apologies for the sloppy testing!
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