Style Request: Journal for the History of Astronomy

I find JHA's choice of style very difficult to replicate starting from any likely candidates in the repository. I had a go at editing the Journal of Applied Philosophy style but wasn't successful: it needs Ibid., roman numerals for journal volumes, no publisher name, double quotes around article titles, and subtleties with page ranges - too difficult for me currently.

The guidelines are below (/.../ indicates italics). I would be very grateful for this - but there is no rush. Even a suggestion for a closer approximation would be helpful.

"Cite titles of articles, journals and books WITH AS FEW CAPITALS AS POSSIBLE. Cite journals in full, never abbreviated. Give volume numbers in lower-case roman numerals followed by the year in parentheses. Give for each article etc. the first and the last page number. If you wish to cite a particular page, you may then do so. Thus:
John Smith, "Science today", /History of science/, xv (1980), 23-46, p. 30.
John Smith, /Medieval science/ (London, 1999), 30.

Inessential information, especially place and date but also numbers of volumes etc, goes inside the parentheses; the essential information goes outside the parentheses.

In the case of newspapers etc. that are classed by date rather than volume, cite thus:
/English mechanic/, 10 July 1880, 25.

Do not cite publishers in the references.

Give pairs of numbers up to 99 in full [44-49], but abbreviate the closing page number as far as possible: 233-7. However, numbers that are 'teens should always have the pair of digits: 214-18, not 214-8.

Back references should always cite the earlier ref. where the full details can be found, and should be in whichever of the following forms is the more convenient:
Smith, /Medieval science/ (ref. 24), 13.
Smith, /op. cit./ (ref. 24), 13.

References in the text should always have a new superscript number (and only one); that is, give each reference its single new number, never repeating an old number or using two numbers in the same place. Note therefore that the style "Smith (1999)" is not acceptable."

  • how far did you get modifying this? Best I can tell, all of this is possible, but it's a _lot_ of work. If you had a style with all the basics in place - i.e. full citations looking basically right, with all elements in the right order etc. - fixing up the couple of tricky things like page-ranges, op cit., roman numerals etc. isn't that much work
  • As I say, Journal of Applied Philosophy (in the repository) has all the bits in the right order.

  • I can take a look, but won't happen super quickly.
  • Understood! It's much appreciated.
  • The style is now up. It will appear on the style repository within 30mins.. (See here if you need instructions for installing styles in standalone.)

    Any problems please let us know.
  • Thank you, adamsmith.

    I can see three problems:

    1) publisher is still present: only (place, year) is needed
    2) op. cit. and ibid. are not working at all for me
    3) (minor) conference proceedings are not quite right when they are cited twice: the shortened second version has a volume number which is not needed.

    As a refinement, second cites could use the "Short Title" field when it is filled in - but this is NOT important if it's tricky.
  • 2&4:
    If you're using the Word plugin, you should be seeing
    Author, Short Title, (ref. 3) for subsequent citations.
    the way I understand this, op cit is an alternatve to the short title, I chose to go with the latter.
    I've tested that & it works. This is using Zotero and the word processor plugin?
  • 1 and 3 are now fixed. The updated version will appear on the repository within 30mins (check the timestamp). Update your copy of the style by re-installing it from the repository. (See here if you need instructions for installing styles in standalone.)

    Styles should also update automatically within 24hs for Zotero 4.0+
    In an existing document, you may have to switch to a different style and back for the changes to take effect once the style is updated.
    Any further problems please let us know.
  • That's great - thanks very much!!
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