Edited citation is not refreshed

Zotero 1.06r2855, OOo 2.3.1., OOo-Extension 1.0b3, Firefox

1. I insert two citations of the same item in an OOo-document using the Zotero toolbar.
2. The 1st citation looks like (Kant 1996c, S. 155), the second (Kant 1996c, S. 8).
3. Now, for some reason, I edit the the first citation using "EDIT CITATION" and "SHOW EDITOR", after that the citation in the text looks like Kant 1996c, S. 155 (because I erased the parantheses). The second citation is left as it is.
4. I now edit the bibliographical item in Zotero, I change the year of this certain text of Kant to 2000.
5. I refresh the citation entries in my document (using the "REFRESH" button). The first - edited - entry now looks like Kant 1996c, S. 155, the second is (Kant 2000, S. 8)

This means entries which are edited with the editor seem immune to any changes. This is a problem, because I could only use the EDITOR function if I know for sure that the bibliographical items won't change in the future. If there's something changed the refreshing function will only work for the non-edited entries.

Suggestion: If there's a (technical) problem to refresh edited entries than it would be better if after any change in the database the related entries are set back to the unedited form but with the renewed information. For my example the first edited entry should be set back to (Kant 2000, S. 155). It's better to have a formal error in the text (which I could correct later) than to have wrong citation.
  • I have the same Problem. Are there any news on that?

    Greets zotomat
  • no news.
    There is no way to solve this, unfortunately.
    How would zotero know, how an edited citation should look?
    And for the proposed solution: what change is sufficient to warrant a fallback to the unedited citation? Surely that should not happen for every refresh.
    So this is just something you have to live with.
    Use the editor only in final editing or cases of emergency. Try to rely on prefix and suffix otherwise.
  • How would zotero know, how an edited citation should look?
    Unless Zotero allowed editing the semantics of individual citations. For example I also often have to remove brackets from citations like (reviewed in 15). This could be edited from ([citation no.]) to [citation no.]. Similarly author date citations could look like ([auth],[year][disambig. letter]) and could be edited in much the same way - this could perhaps be handled by a checkbox below the editor to turn semantic editing on and off.

    Alternatively, if this is too much coding for the use the feature would receive, a "remove parentheses" checkbox would work for most of the cases which prefix/suffix can't currently handle. In my experience I have to remove parentheses from at least one citation in most documents I write, and it is the only case in which I have to use the citation editor. This would also solve Morris' example problem. Admittedly it would break slightly if the user changed to a "superscript" citation style, but it is certainly better than the current situation, and simply not applying the option to superscript styles would allow it to fail gracefully as (reviewed in [15]) still makes sense IMO (sorry, Vanilla doesn't seem to allow &lt sup &gt tags).

    This is slightly redundant with "suppress author" in Author-Date styles, but IMHO has a wider applicability as it makes sense for both Author-Date and numbered styles.

    P.S.I guess "remove parentheses" would also want to insert parentheses around the date in Author-Date styles.
  • Hi Bionatsci,

    I agree.

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