Extra "the" in Conference Proceedings

This isn't a huge issue, but it's an obvious mistake and easy to fix.

I'm using APA6, and I'm adding conference proceedings. Many conferences start with "the", but not all do. In this case, the "the" added by default is wrong and doesn't need to be there.

Here's what I get (removing the irrelevant info):
Author. (2013). Title. Presented at the SOME_CONFERENCE, New York.

Where "SOME_CONFERENCE" is the name of the conference in question. In some cases (as in this one) the actual citation sounds as awkward as "at the some conference".

I can fix this manually for now, but I think it should be updated.

[Note: I haven't tested the other styles, but it may be a problem in others as well. Regardless, it wouldn't be hard to extend the fix to others if needed.]

The only problem with this is that I can imagine some people relied on this and might then have compatibility issues, but maybe there's something in place for backwards compatibility.
  • yeah, we should probably take it out. This will indeed change everyone's APA style and may affect some folks negativel, so I don't love changing major styles like this, but I don't really see an alternative.
    Rintze, thoughts?
  • Does APA give specific guidance on this? Just because it sounds awkward doesn't necessarily mean that it's not correct APA style :).
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