Separate Inspector Windows for Info/Notes/Tags/Related

It would be great if we can separate Info/Notes/Tags/Related panes into separate windows. I often want to monitor them simultaneously while I navigate through the articles. Changing views every time I choose another article breaks the flow of thoughts.

Ideally, I would want to right-click on the pane's title (e.g. 'Notes'), and choose 'open in a new window' from a pop-up menu. The new window would have the pane's contents, updated as I choose other articles in the originating Zotero window. When I close the Zotero window, the separated pane window would be closed, too. This is pretty much the way inspectors work in Mac applications like Pages or Keynote.

For now, I'm using Zutilo to assign keyboard shortcuts to change panes. But that cannot show me different panes simultaneously.
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